Statistics Reveal That Chinese Literacy Rates Is Increasing Steadily Over The Years

Country will be categorized as rapidly growing one based on various parameters. Statisticians those who assess the growth of a country will take into various factors like progresses that it makes in literacy rates, commercial fields, and industrial areas, economic, global, social and political factors. So, from this it is revealed that literacy rates also play a pivotal role in economic progress of the country. China which is one of the most populous countries in Asia is classified as one of the economically progressing countries in the world. The other countries which are also seeing wonderful progress in Asian regions are India, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

China which had very minimal literacy rates few decades back scores better than before now and it may touch hundred percent within few years if the departments takes quick actions in this area.  Millions of people living in villages of China are still illiterate and the villagers are unable to even read the Chinese alphabets properly. But this trend will surely change and almost all the citizens living in the country of China will be able to read their language in the future.

China will progress in all respects in the future

It is imperative to note that unlike other countries Education & Literacy Department are taken important measures to improve the literacy rate in China and they will succeed hundred percent literacy rates if things go on well in the future. Government, village offices, education centers, municipal and other entities are coordinating well and trying their level best to impart Chinese language to one and all. China has seen extreme advancement in industrial and commercial fields and various governments took lots of positive measures to improve the literacy rates among the citizens.

Since there are only few million people those who are not literate the government and other organizations will come out with a master plan to improve the literacy rate in the country of China. World Health Organization considers hundred percent literacy rates as one of the important factors in categorizing the countries. Chinese love their language and showcase interest to learn everything only through their language.
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